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Expert Hardscapes Service

Professional Hardscapes Service

People don’t always think about hardscapes when it comes to their landscaping needs, but we would like to change that! Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping knows the value of hardscapes in Louisiana yards, and we have the equipment and experience necessary to provide you with a variety of hardscape options. Hardscapes are any man-made features within a landscape that reduce and contrast with natural greenery, such as stone paths or wooden pergolas. With our team of expert installers, you are sure to get the very best hardscape service in Louisiana when you call Brothers!

Benefits of Bush Hogging Service

Benefits Of Brothers Bush Hogging

Time Saved

Spend less time clearing your land and more time enjoying it with our effecient bush hogging services!

Experts At Work

Our skilled bush hogging team will transform your overgrown property into a tidy and well-managed landscape.

Improved Land

Maintaining your land has never been easier with Brothers bush hogging service!


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Client Testimonials

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

I would like to praise the hard work that Toby & Margarito have done. It definitely evokes feelings of nostalgia to see the meticulous work they do, as well as the tidiness and cleanliness whenever they are finished. It’s refreshing to see people still taking pride in their work.

Mandy LeBlanc

We have been a customer for years and they are top-notch when it comes to lawn care! They’re quick to respond to any concerns or questions we have and we’re always impressed with the quality of work they dedicate to our yard. Would highly recommend them for yard care/maintenance and landscaping!

Taylor Wolf

Fantastic. Accommodating. Friendly. Thorough. The whole team knew the job, not just the head guy. I was walked thru the job multiple times and each member knew what was to be done. They communicated well throughout the job and always in a friendly and informative manner. ... 

Daniel Nothdurft
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We don’t do contracts because we believe our outstanding services are what should earn your business. We want you to love our services so much that you tell all your friends and family about us.  Frankly, we want to serve you and your lawn forever. If you ever have concerns about your lawn, please call our office and we will find the right solution for you!

-Steve, Owner of Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping

Benefits Of Hardscapes

If you have never considered installing hardscape features on your property, or if you have considered it but never followed through, the team at Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping would like to take this opportunity to convince you! The hardscape services we provide can be seen in yards all over the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas, but the benefits are so much more than just what you can see. From more money in your wallet to actually improving conditions in your yard, the benefits of hardscapes are undeniable.

Beautiful Hardscape
  • Less Maintenance – The less vegetation you have in your yard, the less maintenance you will have to perform! Installing hardscape features eliminates a good portion of the routine maintenance that needs to be done on your property, such as mowing, trimming, watering, etc. Hardscape features are long lasting and generally easy to maintain. 


  • Curb Appeal – If you want a feature on your property that is sure to turn heads, hardscapes are the way to go. A nice stone pathway or a calming water feature can take your landscape from good to great! Our technicians will make sure the contrast between greenery and hardscapes looks professional and appealing. 


  • Water Reduction – One of the major benefits of hardscaping is a smaller water bill. Replacing sections of your lawn and yard with low-maintenance hardscape features replaces the need for irrigation in those areas. This means less time, effort, and money will be spent when you choose Brothers for the best hardscaping services in Louisiana!


  • Erosion Protection – Hardscape installation is a great way to combat erosion! When our techs come out for a hardscaping consultation, they will be able to determine how and where stone pathways or retaining walls can be installed in order to preserve your yard’s boundaries and protect the soil.


  • Property Value – Professionally installed outdoor living spaces are a huge driving force behind real estate sales. Even if you are not currently planning on moving, hardscape features will add to the value of your home for many years to come. Patios and firepits add to the entertainment space of your home, which always increases property value. 


  • Outdoor Privacy – Though your neighbors are sure to love and envy your new hardscape features, there is nothing wrong with wanting some privacy in your own yard. Something as simple as a draped pergola can give you a lovely outdoor sitting area that provides privacy while still letting you take in the sunshine and fresh air.

Hardscape Installation By Brothers

In order to deliver premium hardscape services in Louisiana, we first start by having our skilled technicians analyze your property and remove unwanted shrubbery from the desired hardscape locations. We believe carrying out your vision is best achieved on a blank canvas. After the land is prepared, we focus on maximizing a focal point. Whether you want a firepit or a water feature, we arrange and design the space to direct people’s gazes right to your yard’s new crown jewel! After hardscape features are installed, we will examine the area with you to ensure that any new plants are placed correctly and, most importantly, to make sure you are satisfied with your new hardscape features! Below is a list of the hardscapes provided by Brothers Services.

Fire Pits


Nothing beats a nighttime bonfire with friends and family. We will create a comfortable and safe area where your loved ones can gather and make memories at your home. 

Artificial Turf

Rolled up artificial turf

Want to do away with mowing and watering your lawn for good? Artificial turf is a spectacularly unique and cost-effective hardscape option for a permanently green lawn.

Flagstone Walkways

beautiful patio

Functional and beautiful, the stone walkways we install reduce lawn maintenance needs, direct visitors where to go, and look great in any yard. 


Pergola in Louisiana

Whether you want to throw a curtain over it or let vines wrap around and naturally decorate it, pergolas create a unique space in your yard that will seem like a new room of your house!

Retaining Walls

retaining wall

Unfortunately, erosion issues are a real problem for many Louisiana lawns. Our techs will help take care of these issues by installing high-quality retaining walls. 

Water Features

Water Feature water fountain

If you have always dreamed of a small waterfall or fountain trickling water among your landscape, Brothers Services will make that dream a reality!

Call Brothers Today For A Hardscaping Quote

Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping knows how much people care about their yards and landscapes. Hardscaping for Louisiana is a passion of ours, but we are here to fulfill all of your landscaping needs as well! After all, even the best hardscape features look better with some beautiful greenery around them. Once your hardscaping service is complete, be sure to ask us how our other landscaping services can keep everything in your yard looking great all year! Call us today at (337) 781-7494, and we will get you started immediately with a free quote!   


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