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Premium Landscape Maintenance For Louisiana

Having a gorgeous yard and landscape can make a big difference in the way people perceive your home. Nobody wants their humble abode to be adorned with dying flowers or weed-filled gardens. Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping delivers only the finest landscape maintenance services in Louisiana because we want our neighbors to have the beautiful yards and homes they deserve!

Brothers’ Landscape Maintenance Services

Life gets busy, and it can be challenging to worry about yard care on top of everything else. Landscape maintenance is a constant need if you want to have that picturesque yard that turns heads all year long. As soon as you notice a need for any of the following services, simply give us a call, and we will be there to make your life just a little easier! 

Bush Trimming

electric shrub pruning

Without routine maintenance, bushes can quickly become overgrown and unattractive. We will prevent this by precisely trimming any unruly twigs and branches to make sure that your bushes look neat and in order all season. Whenever your bushes are looking unkempt and need a professional touch to stay in line, we will be there!

Shrub Pruning

shrub pruning by hand

Pruning is an important part of any landscape maintenance routine. Shrubs need to be clipped to make sure that only healthy and strong greenery is allowed to grow throughout your shrubbery. Diseased or decaying leaves will spread their ailments to healthy plants, and this service will prevent any such infection from developing. 

Ornamental Tree Pruning

ornamental tree trimming performed by brothers lawn services

Just like your shrubbery, ornamental trees need occasional TLC to stay healthy. Ornamental trees help create stunning landscapes, but their leaves and branches can fall victim to disease and/or unhealthy growth. Pruning will keep ornamental trees healthy and prevent sick leaves from spreading disease throughout your lawn and gardens. 

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

shrub and tree granular fertilization

We all know the benefits of fertilization on lawns, but trees and shrubbery can also benefit from similar treatments. Trees and shrubs need the same nutrients as your turf, with an emphasis on nitrogen. By applying a nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ratio of at least 3:1:1, respectively, we will make sure your trees and shrubs thrive!

Weed Removal

the importance of weed control

Clearing weeds out of your garden beds and other areas throughout your yard is crucial to promoting healthy plant growth. The weeds that grow among your desired vegetation will steal nutrients and water away from those plants in order to survive. Removing weeds will allow your plants and lawn to receive maximum nourishment.

Mulch Installation

Black Mulch

The benefits of mulch are almost too numerous to mention, but it will need to be filled and replaced every so often. Over time, your mulch will get displaced and need to be refilled, which we are happy to handle! About once per year, completely replacing all your mulch is a good idea to maintain the same soil and plant protection, and we will take care of that as well! 

Rock Installation

rock installation after the job is done

Similarly to mulch, and even more often, rock and small stone features will need some replenishment. Though they will not decay like organic mulches, small rocks along pathways and within designed areas can easily become displaced by simple foot traffic. As needed, we will refill and install more rocks to keep all your landscape features looking as good as new.

Seasonal Flower Planting

Seasonal Flowers

No landscape is complete without a few flowers, and our seasonal flower rotation will make sure that your landscape is always colorful and fresh. Both annuals and perennials will be carefully selected and planted for a dazzling color display in every season, and flowers will be rotated seasonally in order to keep the soil healthy and give your landscape a routine makeover!

Flower Bed Maintenance

Beautiful flower beds around a brick home

Keep your flower beds clear of clutter with Brothers’ flower bed maintenance service! As leaves, sticks, pinecones, and other types of debris land in your flower beds, they will slowly suffocate your plants and hinder healthy growth. We will visit your property to remove any such obstructions, and we will make sure weeds are pulled and flowers are pruned while we are at it.

Landscape Edging

Brothers Lawn Edging

The finishing touches of our landscape maintenance services in Louisiana are important for making a lasting impression. Before we leave, we will make sure to edge along your gardens, flower beds, walkways, and any other areas that need some definition. Our techs use high quality edgers to create crisp borders that are sure to make your landscape pop!

Call Now For All Your Landscaping Needs!

At Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping, we are passionate about providing landscape maintenance services to our customers in Louisiana. We are more than happy to come out to your property and assist you with any of these services, but that is not all we can do for you! Before worrying about maintenance, perhaps you need some brand new landscaping features installed, or maybe you would even like to revamp your landscape from scratch. If so, our landscape design and installation services can give you the yard you have always wanted! Call us today at (337) 781-7494 to find out what else Brothers Services can do for you! 

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