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Bush Hogging Services In Louisiana

Brothers Lawn Service is the #1 choice for bush hogging services in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas. We can accommodate almost any request for bush hogging and field mowing services in a timely manner. There is often a high demand for bush hogging in our area, and we know that finding a reliable bush hogging service in Louisiana can be difficult. At Brothers Lawn Service, we do all of the work and never subcontract to other companies. You can count on us to show up and deliver great results while bush hogging your property.

What Is Bush Hogging?

Bush hogging can be thought of as lawn mowing on steroids. Like lawn mowing, bush hogging is a lawn care and landscaping task that is performed to maintain areas of grass, typically large fields or pastures. Unlike regular mowing, bush hogging focuses on brush cutting or rough cutting to clear land of overgrown weeds, unwanted shrubbery, small trees, and any other unruly vegetation that a lawn mower can not remove.  

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“Bush Hog” is actually the brand name of a company that makes brush hogging equipment, but the similar terms have become interchangeable. A bush hog is a type of rotary mower that attaches to the back of a tractor. The large, dragging rotary blades are not tightly affixed to the drive, which makes it much easier for brush hogging equipment to plow over dense vegetation and solid obstacles. Bush hogs have faster blade speeds and cover more ground than lawn mowers. Most importantly, the blades of a bush hog are bigger, heavier, and duller than lawn mowers, all of which help the machine muscle through such tough terrain.

The technicians at Brothers Lawn Service have the right equipment for jobs of all sizes! Our bush hogging services in Louisiana include the following:

  • Small Acreage Bush Hogging
  • Large Acreage Bush Hogging
  • Field Mowing Services
  • Tall Grass Mowing
  • Pasture Mowing Services
  • Overgrown Field Mowing
  • Brush Hogging Service
  • Underbrush Mowing

When To Bush Hog

There is no definitive time of year during which bush hogging should be performed, but most people tend to prefer hogging their land before the growing season begins. By clearing out undesired vegetation from the previous season in early spring, your land will be prepared for whatever lawn care and landscaping projects you have planned for the year. Of course, as long as the ground is not frozen, bush hogging can and should be performed at any point throughout the year if wild vegetation interferes with your property and plans. 


Bush hogging is most commonly performed to take care of the following situations:


  • Recently purchased land that has not been maintained
  • Preparing land for construction
  • Preparing land for farming
  • Other repurposing of neglected property
  • Jobs that require consistent pasture management
  • Creating a meadow in a wooded area
  • Wild shrubbery encroaching on your fields
  • Vegetation spreading near water and/or roads

Benefits Of Bush Hogging Services


Heart Lawn

Densely covered areas of vegetation could be hiding any number of dangers. Bush hogging clears out stumps, branches, twigs, rocks, and other unseen forms of debris that can cause bodily injury.

Pest Control

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Unkempt fields and lawns are breeding grounds for pests. Bush hogging deters common lawn insects, but it also helps keep out small animals, such as snakes and rats, that commonly dwell in fields.

Weed Management

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Bush hogging large fields and pastures helps improve the health of grass by cutting down tall weeds and giving desired grass more room to spread and develop roots. Click here for more weed control options!

Improved Forage

A pig foraging in a field

Bush hogging improves the quality of forage for properties with livestock. Cutting down tall vegetation and dispersing it across your land will provide additional nutrients for the soil and better feed for livestock.

Minimally Invasive

Young Spruce Tree In A Field

When it comes to tree removal, hogging is a much more effective and environmentally friendly option than bulldozing. Bush hogging cuts saplings and small trees rather than destroying the ground with root extraction.


lawn fertilization

Professional bush hogging can transform your land from a dangerous mess to a desirable property. Whether you just want to clean things up or you are looking to improve property value, bush hogging is the answer.

Call Brothers For Bush Hogging In Louisiana

While bush hogging is extremely beneficial, it can also be quite dangerous if you are not trained in this particular skill. Fortunately, Brothers Lawn Service is fully staffed with trained professionals to give you a safe and effective service. Our pros will inspect your property, remove obstructions, set blades appropriately, and slowly mow over your land until it is as good as new! Call us today for the safest professional bush hogging in Louisiana!

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