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Lawn Mowing Services

Brothers Employee mowing a lawn in Baton Rouge

Are you tired of all the hard work and long hours spent constantly mowing your lawn during your precious free time? Louisiana sees some of the heaviest rainfall anywhere in the country, which can quickly lead to lawns becoming overgrown. Without a reliable weekly mowing service to take care of your lawn for you, a particularly rainy weekend can make it seem like cutting the grass is a never-ending chore. If you are ready to have more free time and less stress, then it may be time to call Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping for the best professional lawn mowing services in Louisiana! 


McKinzie Craig
McKinzie Craig
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I’ve been using Brothers for a couple of months now. Ike and Cayman have done a wonderful job taking care of my yard! They are professional and courteous. My yard looks great, it’s always done on time, and it’s such a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about the grass getting out of control. Thank you!!
Jean Fournet
Jean Fournet
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A SHOUT OUT TO BROTHERS LAWN SERVICE!! After almost two months of relentless daily rains and being too wet and too tall to mow, Ike and Kayman showed up and made quick work at our place and did a fantastic job. They were courteous, polite and professional. THANK YOU BROTHERS LAWN SERVICE.
Gerard Beaugh
Gerard Beaugh
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Originally, we switched to Brothers Lawn Service to save money. We are really happy with the cost saving and the service we are getting. The property looks great!

Benefits Of Weekly Lawn Mowing Services

What you get when you sign up for our weekly lawn mowing service can not be measured only in dollars (even though our pricing is always fair and transparent). At Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping, we know that the frustration endured and the many hours spent on lawn mowing needs are what lead most people to seek out professional help. With our customers’ needs in mind, we promise to take care of everything related to lawn mowing in order to provide you with the most hassle-free lawn care possible.

Brothers Employee mowing a lawn in Lafayette

Lawn care is our job, not yours! From faulty equipment to overgrown turf, our specialists are more than happy to put in the time and energy for you. We will take care of the following mowing-related concerns, and you can get back to spending your free time however you want!

Choosing Equipment

Different equipment may be needed from one area to the next. We have riding mowers, self-propelled push mowers, edgers, and more to give you a perfect and precise cut!

Replacing Parts

Never pay out of pocket for parts again! We are stocked with equipment and parts to replace faulty spark plugs, snapped pull chords, busted blades, broken wheels, and so much more.

Mowing Maintenance

Our technicians keep gas tanks filled, adjust blade height, sharpen and clean blades, and take care of any other pre-mowing needs that can be so time consuming.

Weekly Upkeep

Louisiana lawns can grow out of control in the blink of an eye. We will develop a mowing schedule with you to keep your lawn trimmed and neat week after week!

Our Mowing Service Includes

Providing dependable weekly lawn mowing in Baton Rouge and Lafayette is our specialty. We will never call a lawn mowing job finished until you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of the work. Before leaving your property, we always make sure the following tasks are completed to perfection:

Brothers Lawn Care Team Mowing A Lawn In Louisiana


Our commercial grade equipment can take care of even the most unruly and overgrown grass. Each week, on a day of your choosing, our technicians will mow every inch of your lawn with consistency and patterns you can only get from a professional mowing service. Mower blades are always set to a proper height to create lawns that look great and promote healthier, stronger grass growth.

Brothers Lawn Edging


We use top-quality steel blade edgers along driveways, walkways, patios, and any other hard surfaces in your yard. Edging helps create crisp-looking lawns with defined edges that are sure to catch your neighbors’ eyes! Ask us about our hardscape services if you are interested in adding some unique features to your yard; we will help you install them and keep them looking great.

Brothers Line Trimming

Line Trimming

Some areas are nearly impossible to reach with a mower, but that shouldn’t be your problem! We have the equipment necessary to provide precise trimming near trees, fences, houses, garden beds, and any other difficult areas that need to be trimmed.

Brothers always cleans up after the job is done


After the mowing and trimming is done, we always make sure to blow grass clippings off hard surfaces and walkways. Blowing clippings back onto your lawn keeps your entire property looking neat, and the clippings even work as a natural fertilizer for your turf.

Start Your Lawn Care Services Today

Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping is proud to be able to offer you a trustworthy weekly mowing service, but your lawn’s needs do not end there. To get the best results for your lawn, ask us how our other services, like fertilization and weed control, can help enhance the benefits of mowing and other lawn care practices. To get started enjoying a stress-free and beautiful lawn today, call us or fill out the survey for a free estimate.

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If you are looking for a reliable lawn care company in Lafayette & Baton Rouge, then look no further. Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping is your full-service lawn care expert and we promise a 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We ensure the quality of our service by providing personal attention to each and every lawn.

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