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Fertilization & Weed Control Services For Baton Rouge

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Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers’ reactions when their lawns finally start to grow. The experienced professionals at Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping know how frustrating it is to see bare spots and thin turf all over your lawn, which is why we have made it our mission to take care of these problem areas for you! Our Turf Defense brand of lawn care is trusted throughout the area to get rid of bare patches and create a full and rich lawn. Keep reading to discover why our customers and your neighbors call Brothers for the best fertilization and weed control in Baton Rouge!


John Paul McKee
John Paul McKee
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We have used Brothers for 6 years and are very pleased with all their services! They are easy to communicate with and prompt in replying! They are a great family who always does excellent work!
Ted Hampton
Ted Hampton
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Brothers Services provides exceptional service at reasonable prices. They are very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend them.
Janie Thibeaux
Janie Thibeaux
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The Brothers crew is fast and thorough, and my lawn looks great. Thanks for your amazing service!

Our 8-Step Fertilization & Weed Control Program For Baton Rouge

It may seem like one of the more basic lawn care services you can provide to your turf, but fertilizing your lawn is crucial and can not be neglected if you want to see strong, green grass in your yard. Weed control is another vital lawn care service, and it should always take place at the same time as fertilization efforts. Without weed control, much of the nutrients found in fertilizers will be absorbed by the weeds, which will lead to your lawn struggling even more. These services must be applied promptly and appropriately throughout the year if you want to see success. At Brothers, it is always our goal to create stunning lawns for our neighbors by offering some of the best fertilization and weed control services in Baton Rouge!

spraying fertilizer on a lawn

The techs we will send out to your property are regularly trained in the best fertilization practices, including which premium products they should use. Our balanced, slow-release fertilizers contain seasonal-appropriate levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other micronutrients that your lawn craves. With our program, your lawn will receive 8 treatments per year, and each treatment is tailored to the particular needs of your lawn at any given time of the year. The focus of our treatments during each of the 8 visits will be as follows:

  1. Late Winter – pre-emergent for dormant grassy weeds, post-emergent for existing weeds
  2. Early Spring – pre- and post-emergent, potash application for early root development
  3. Late Spring – first application of balanced fertilizer, control existing weeds
  4. Early Summer – continue slow-release fertilizer treatments, control existing weeds
  5. Mid Summer – continue slow-release fertilizer treatments, control existing weeds
  6. Late Summer – potash for root development, pre-emergent to prevent fall weeds
  7. Early Fall – pre-emergent, spot spray existing weeds
  8. Late Fall – winterization treatment designed to prevent winter weeds from germinating

Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization Services

man holding his hand over a well kept lawn

Proper Nutrition

Inexperienced lawn care providers can easily apply too much/the wrong kind of fertilizer, causing your lawn to develop turf burn. Our pros know exactly how much and what type of premium fertilizer is needed to keep your lawn well fed all year. When you go with Brothers Services, you never have to worry about inexperienced techs damaging your lawn.

Better Turf

Our premium fertilizers contain the nitrogen and micronutrients that are needed at each stage in order to see healthy grass growth. Some lawn care providers use excess nitrogen and focus only on giving your lawn a quick burst of color, which can actually harm turfgrass. Our fertilization program is designed to create thick, green grass that only improves with time. 

Stronger Grass Stronger Roots

When your lawn is mowed, weak grass blades are removed from your lawn, and the stronger grass remains and regenerates. Eventually, that healthier turf will fill in those areas where weak grass once lived, creating a strong and vibrant lawn that brings a burst of life to your yard.

Benefits Of Weed Control Services

direct weed control sprayed onto a dandelion

Preventive Control

Weed seedlings often blow into your lawn and germinate before you even know what happened. Our preventive weed control aims to stop seed germination and weed growth within the soil. Preventive weed control will also discourage weeds from sprouting that may have gone dormant over the winter months. 

Corrective Control

When weeds do emerge, we will attack them as quickly as possible in order to prevent the spread of the invasion. A few weeds are inevitable as temperatures start to warm up, but their presence will be drastically reduced by our corrective weed control. Removing existing weeds will reduce the seedlings that could take root in your lawn.  

Spot Control

For areas that seem to have a recurring weed problem, our spot control treatments will be very helpful! Sometimes, weeds find a weak area in a lawn where they can easily steal nutrients in the soil and grow without competition. These areas will be treated above and below the soil to let weeds know they are no longer welcome.

Fertilization Services, Sodding Services, And More!

When you sign up for our premium fertilization and weed control services in Baton Rouge, we will work hard to earn your trust and confidence and, most importantly, to give you a beautiful green lawn. If you have tried fertilization services in the past and are wondering what else you could possibly do to save your lawn, Brothers Lawn Service can help with that too! We offer  sodding services that are perfect for severely struggling lawns in need of a fresh start. Sodding provides you with instant results that look great when fertilization alone can not get the job done. Call us today to find out all the ways we can give you the lawn you want and deserve! 

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