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Professional Lawn Mowing Services In Baton Rouge, LA

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At Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping, we believe that every home in a city as great as Baton Rouge deserves the best lawn care available. Your lawn should be thought of as a red carpet leading up to your home, and it is our job to keep it looking pristine and presentable all season long. Our mowing services focus on giving you a lawn that gets healthier every week so that you can worry less and enjoy more summer sunshine this year. Keep reading to find out more about the best weekly lawn mowing service in Baton Rouge!


Daniel Nothdurft
Daniel Nothdurft
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Fantastic. Accommodating. Friendly. Thorough. The whole team knew the job, not just the head guy. I was walked through the job multiple times and each member knew what was to be done. They communicated well throughout the job and always in a friendly and informative manner. The crew, Cliff, Manuel, and Michael, more than met our expectations. We have hired lawn service crews in the past... the Brothers crew were head and shoulders above.
C Billips
C Billips
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I’ve been a client of Brothers Services for over 6 years. If you ever call into their office, ask for Ms. Anne who will brighten your day and respond to every concern. Living out of state can be challenging to secure services. They have expertly handled my lawn and I’d highly recommend their services.
Armbruster Associates
Armbruster Associates
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Brothers has maintained our office complex for about 4 years; they always do a professional job, are responsive to calls and emails, and are always willing to work with us as the seasons change.

Benefits Of Our Weekly Mowing Services

When you choose Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping, we make it our mission to give you and your lawn the best weekly mowing service in Baton Rouge! The convenience and benefits of a professional weekly lawn mowing service are undeniable, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it. By using the best equipment available and implementing only the most effective mowing practices, we can confidently give your turf a weekly cut that will look better and better as the season progresses. Take a look below at some of the ways your lawn can be improved by our weekly mowing service!

Uniform Growth

Consistent mowing, alternated patterns, and a healthy blade height are just a few of the ways we get your turf looking great. These practices keep your entire lawn growing at the same rate, and they help reduce stress on your turf. Professional weekly mowing is the best way to achieve symmetry of your lawn’s height and color.

Stronger Grass

When your lawn is mowed, weak grass blades are removed from your lawn, and the stronger grass remains and regenerates. Eventually, that healthier turf will fill in those areas where weak grass once lived, creating a strong and vibrant lawn that brings a burst of life to your yard.

Deeper Roots

Mowing too low, or otherwise improperly, can result in shallow grass roots that are unable to provide enough nutrients to your lawn. Our experts only remove the top ⅓ of your lawn each time they mow, which helps develop root systems and leaves enough length of the grass blades for adequate nutrition to be absorbed.

Weed Control

Stronger roots and stronger turfgrass will always result in fewer weeds. As your turf grows stronger and thicker, weeds will have a harder time getting any nutrients from the soil because your healthy grass is able to absorb the water and minerals it needs. The more we mow, the less weeds grow!

Disease Prevention

Fungal lawn diseases are commonly spread by unclean mower blades. To avoid lawn disease, the pros at Brothers always make sure mower blades are clean before a job starts. We also sharpen blades as often needed to avoid mangling your grass, which can also contribute to negative effects.

Natural Fertilization

Grass clippings contain the same main nutrients that are found in fertilizers, which is why we make sure not to let them go to waste! As we mow, the grass we trim will be left behind on your turf so that it can be reabsorbed into the soil for an added nutritional boost!

What Sets Us Apart From The Competition

  • Professional Touches – As needed, our mowing jobs come with precise edging, line trimming, and cleanup of grass clippings to make sure your property looks fresh and clean before we leave. 


  • Gates Kept Closed – We always look out for our neighbors’ safety while we work. Every time we enter and exit your yard, gates will be completely closed so you don’t have to worry about kids and pets as we mow your lawn. 


  • Hassle-Free Payments – We have easy and convenient online payments set up for our customers, and prices are always fair and transparent! No hidden fees, no games; just hard work and results you will love!


  • No Contract – Life happens, things change, and we don’t want to make anything more difficult than it has to be. If you are unable to continue services with Brothers for any reason, just call up and cancel, and that’s that. 


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – At Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping, we aren’t happy until you are! If you are unsatisfied with a mowing job we provide, simply call us and let us know about it. As soon as possible, someone from our team will be there to fix the problem until you see the results you want!

Call For Additional Services And A Free Quote!

Providing our customers with excellent lawn mowing services in Baton Rouge is an important part of our job, but our services don’t end there! We want to make every lawn and yard in Louisiana look as good as possible, which is why we offer a variety of both lawn care and landscaping services. For more information on any of our services, or to get started with a free quote today, call us at (337) 781-7494. We look forward to helping you and your lawn!

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If you are looking for a reliable lawn care company in Lafayette & Baton Rouge, then look no further. Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping is your full-service lawn care expert and we promise a 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We ensure the quality of our service by providing personal attention to each and every lawn.

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