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Sod Installation In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton-Rouge-LA area

Have you spent countless hours trying to get grass to grow on your lawn? Does your lawn continue to struggle even after you follow fertilizing and seeding instructions? If so, sod installation may be the answer to your problems! Sod is a strip or square of professionally grown turf on top of a thin layer of soil. If installed correctly, the strips or squares grow and weave together to create a healthy lawn that is fully covered with lush grass. At Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping, we provide premium sod installation services to Baton Rouge so that you never have to stress about your turf again!


Anne Womack
Anne Womack
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We have been using Brothers Services for over 10 years and consider them to be the best landscaping and yard care business in Acadiana. They leveled and sodded our backyard in 2008 and have been caring for our needs ever since. They cut and fertilize our grass, trim shrubbery, mulch beds, weed, and add color with their seasonal plantings, just to name a few of their many services. They take pride in their work and strive to please.
Jessi Gilbert
Jessi Gilbert
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Brothers always does wonderful work, is always timely, and is affordably priced. They have done lawn maintenance, flower bed clean-up, bulkhead repair, patio and pergola installation for us, and all work has been exceptional quality!
Julian Heggie
Julian Heggie
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Brothers landscape service is professional and reliable. We highly recommend this company!

Our Sod Delivery And Installation Services For Baton Rouge

If you have ever seen strips of sod get unrolled like a carpet atop a layer of soil, you may have the impression that laying sod is as easy as that. However, there is much more to sod installation than what initially meets the eye. Properly and effectively installing sod takes a great deal of preparation and skill in order to see long-lasting results. Luckily, our installation technicians have years of experience and training to bring you the best sodding services in Baton Rouge. The following are a few of the benefits of utilizing a professional sodding service to sod your lawn:

  • Instant grass that is green and lush
  • Adaptation to poor soil conditions
  • Pre-existing root system
  • Less irrigation 
  • Denser turf
  • Less mud after rain/watering
  • Erosion prevention
  • Professionally grown turf
  • Better heat absorption/reduction
  • Easier maintenance

Before a strip of our premium sod can even touch your property, there is a good deal of preparation and planning that must be done first. Lawns in need of sodding services have often been ravaged by drought, disease, pests, or a number of other environmental factors that made grass growth next to impossible. Installing sod comes with the much desired benefit of instant results, but those results will not last if your property and soil are not properly prepared. When we say we will provide you with some of the best sodding services in Louisiana, we mean it! From preparation to installation, we will get your lawn sodded and looking fresh in just a few easy steps!

Step 1: Testing & Preparing Soil

Testing Your Soil

We will check your soil to make sure it has the proper pH levels needed to stimulate turf growth for your new sod. As needed, fertilizers, lime, and organic matter will be introduced to your soil until it is ready to receive the new sod. 

Step 2: Preparing Land

How To Prepare Soil

Our technicians will measure and assess your property to determine how much sod is needed. Land will then be leveled and raked, as necessary, and a layer of topsoil and/or compost can be laid down for a healthy foundation. The goal at this step is to get your property flat so that the strips of sod can easily weave together.

Step 3: Selecting & Delivering Sod

sod delivery preperation

In order to give you the exact lawn you are looking for, you can choose from our sod selections to get the color and texture you want. We offer grass types like Bermuda, fescue, and zoysia, and as soon as you select your new grass type, we will deliver the predetermined amount right to your yard!

Step 4: Installing Sod

installing new sod lawn

One of the biggest mistakes people make with sod is trying to install it themselves with little or no experience. Sod can not just be rolled out haphazardly. Only by the hands of skilled professionals, like the ones at Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping, can sod be installed properly. Our technicians know how to roll out your sod using techniques that avoid overlapping, creating lumps, creating air pockets, or any other damaging effects, and they will trim the sod along paved areas and edges for a professional-looking finish. 

Step 5: Aftercare

man watering recently laid grass sod

Let’s Make A New Lawn Together

We are proud of the sodding services we have delivered to Baton Rouge over the years, but we know there are no magical fixes in the lawn care business. Sod installation is a great start to creating an attractive and healthy lawn, but your new sod will require that same care that all grass needs. Ask us how our fertilization and weed control services can maintain your new lawn after sod installation is completed. Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping has everything you need to create the perfect lawn, so pick up the phone or check out our online survey to get started with a free quote today!

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