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The Finest Fertilization & Weed Control In Lafayette

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The specialists at Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping have been creating strong, green lawns all over Louisiana for the last two decades. The pros we send out to our customers’ properties go through up-to-date training, and they are always given the best tools and products available to get your lawn well fed and in great shape. Operating under the trusted Turf Defense banner, our skilled technicians have the expertise needed to offer you the most effective fertilization and weed control program in Lafayette!


Jeanne Caillier
Jeanne Caillier
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Brothers Lawn Service is exceptional. Their office personnel are very professional and very responsive. They should expand their business to train others on how to treat customers. The guys that showed up for the first time today were awesome! They did exactly what I asked of them and my yard looks amazing! Looking forward to the next time.
Alice Wallace
Alice Wallace
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Kamun and Ike showed up early, were very pleasant and professional, and cleaned out the weeds around several trees and flower beds. The yard looks much less shaggy now!
Melissa Salvatierra
Melissa Salvatierra
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Highly recommend this lawn care service company. Great customer service, very helpful with any questions or concerns. Everything was taken care of in a prompt and timely manner. My lawn and beds look great.

Our 8-Step Fertilization & Weed Control Program For Lafayette

Our goal is to give you a lawn that stays healthy and is able to grow freely all year. Like every other living thing, your lawn needs food and water to survive. To make sure that your turf stays fed throughout the entire growing season, we have devised an 8-step plan that will work hard to provide your lawn with the greenest grass in Lafayette!

Pest Control SPray

The fertilization and weed control program you get with Brothers features 8 visits throughout the year. The program begins sometime in late winter and runs through late fall, with each visit featuring a seasonally appropriate treatment. At each stage, as necessary, we will apply treatments that are designed to sustain your lawn through both the prevailing weather conditions and the weather/temperatures to come. By strategically planning when and how we treat your lawn, we can avoid unnecessary turf stress and give your grass the best chance it has to look green and lush through all seasons. Below is a quick summary of what you can expect during each visit: 

  1. Late Winter – pre-emergent for dormant grassy weeds, post-emergent for existing weeds
  2. Early Spring – pre- and post-emergent, potash application for early root development
  3. Late Spring – first application of balanced fertilizer, control existing weeds
  4. Early Summer – continue slow-release fertilizer treatments, control existing weeds
  5. Mid Summer – continue slow-release fertilizer treatments, control existing weeds
  6. Late Summer – potash for root development, pre-emergent to prevent fall weeds
  7. Early Fall – pre-emergent, spot spray existing weeds
  8. Late Fall – winterization treatment designed to prevent winter weeds from germinating

Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization Services

man holding his hand over a well kept lawn

Proper Nutrition

We use premium, slow-release fertilizers that will sustain the health and appearance of your lawn rather than giving it just a quick green-up. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients are appropriately introduced to your soil to feed your lawn.

Better Turf

Your grass will look greener and thicker after our fertilizers are applied. We use premium products that contain proper levels of nitrogen to give your grass a green color that will last! Grass blades will also grow stronger and more resistant with every treatment.

Stronger Roots

The more access your lawn’s roots have to nutrients and water, the healthier your grass will be! By applying a high-quality, balanced fertilizer, we can stimulate root growth while simultaneously stimulating turf growth, both of which will benefit the other.

Benefits Of Weed Control Services

direct weed control sprayed onto a dandelion

Preventive Control

We apply preventive weed control to stop seeds in the soil from germinating. Preventive weed control also focuses on weeds that have gone dormant over winter. We will apply highly effective solutions to prevent weeds from ever emerging. 

Corrective Control

Unfortunately, some weeds will always find a way to grow in your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn is necessary, but weeds also feed off those nutrients. As weather warms up, our corrective weed control will help stop the spread of weeds, and it will eradicate already-existing weeds. 

Spot Control

If one or two specific areas of your lawn seem to be a hotbed for weed activity, we will thoroughly treat those areas to prevent further growth and germination. These pesky areas will be treated above and below the soil surface for full protection!

Ask Us What Else We Can Do For Your Lawn!

Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping knows the importance of proper lawn care, and we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best fertilization and weed control in Lafayette. However, fertilization alone is sometimes not enough to heal severely damaged lawns. In cases where turf just will not grow in your lawn no matter what you try, you may want to consider our sodding services! Sodding is a great option when your best course of action is to start a new lawn from scratch. To find out more about how fertilization and weed control, sodding, or any of our other services can improve your lawn, call us today at (337) 781-7494. 

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