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Weekly Lawn Mowing In Lafayette, Louisiana

Baton-Rouge-LA area

If you are in charge of maintaining a lawn in Lafayette, you have likely experienced how quickly grass can grow in our climate. Heavy rains quickly lead to overgrown grass, and it is important to the health of your lawn and plants to keep your grass mowed throughout the growing season. Luckily, Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping is here to offer you top-quality weekly mowing services in Lafayette! We have been mowing lawns in Louisiana for over 20 years, and now we want to bring that experience and expertise to your lawn. 


Roxie Lapara
Roxie Lapara
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I absolutely love Brothers Services. My actual brother used to cut my lawn for me because he was my neighbor and when he was transferred out of town, I needed someone to take over my lawn maintenance. It was super easy to get Brothers to come out and quote me. Their prices are extremely reasonable and they always show up on time! It takes them no time at all to cut my lawn and it is always so nice and clean when I get home. Billing is incredibly easy. I highly recommend them!!!!
Carey Barron
Carey Barron
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I currently have 10 commercial locations for which Brothers handles the lawn care. From our stores in Lafayette over to Baton Rouge, they are always on time, do fabulous work and are easy to deal with when I need additional services. Can’t say enough good things about Steve and Anne.
 Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson
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I was dreading the overgrown back yard today. But thanks to Dylan and Saulo for doing a great job with the lawn again! Now I can check one more thing off on the long list of items that my wife wanted me to do today!

Benefits Of Brothers Mowing Services In Lafayette

Our weekly mowing service is all about your convenience. With the amount of rainfall our area typically sees throughout the growing season, lawn mowing in Lafayette can become quite a tedious chore. Our weekly mowing service is designed to give you peace of mind and body by taking care of every last detail for you, and all we ask is that you sit back and enjoy your lawn’s new trim! Below are a few of the benefits you receive when you sign up for weekly mowing services with Brothers. 

Reliable Mowing

Every week, we will show up and mow your entire lawn at a healthy height. Our technicians are all highly trained in the best mowing practices that will actually improve the health of your lawn with each mowing!

Crisp Edging

Steel blade edgers will be used to help define the boundaries of your lawn and create clean, attractive edges along walkways and pavement. Your lawn will look well defined, sharp, and ready to impress. 

Line Trimming

For hard to reach areas of your lawn, we utilize line trimmers that are designed to fit in those small or awkward patches of turf. Grass growing along fences, houses, trees, and more will all be taken care of with our trimmers.

Grass Cleanup

We never leave grass clippings on hard surfaces in your yard. Before we call it a day, all clippings will be blown back onto your turf, which actually helps fertilize your lawn while keeping your driveway and other paved areas looking clean!

Closed Gates

Family and safety always come first when you choose Brothers Services. Every single time we enter or exit your yard, we always make sure gates are closed so that you never worry about pets or kids while we are on the job. 

Customer Service

At Brothers, our customers are our family! We will make it a point to provide you with hassle-free pricing, no-contract services, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our services, we will simply keep working until you are!

Benefits Of Weekly Mowing

Aside from making sure you are happy with the way your lawn looks every week, maintaining the health of your turf is also a top priority! Even if you can not immediately see the difference, the professionals at Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping always make sure to utilize mowing practices that improve your turf over time. 

The importance of mowing your grass to the proper height

It is important to follow proper mowing practices if you want to see your lawn improve throughout the year. Mowing only the top ⅓ of your lawn helps ensure that your turf always has enough nutrients to regenerate stronger, thicker grass blades. The mowing patterns we follow are changed regularly in order to keep your grass upright and stress free, and equipment is always kept clean to avoid lawn disease. By choosing Brothers Services for weekly mowing in Lafayette, your lawn can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Uniform Growth
  • Greener Grass
  • Stronger Turf
  • Stronger Roots
  • Weed Control
  • Pest Prevention
  • Natural Fertilization
  • Disease Prevention
  • Much More!

Improve Your Lawn In Lafayette Today

It is truly our pleasure to provide you with some of the best lawn mowing services in Lafayette, but we have much more to offer if you are looking for the best lawn care results possible. We have both lawn care and landscaping services to take care of all your yard care needs from top to bottom! If you are looking for ways to get your grass even greener and fuller, our fertilization and weed control services can help, and we have a variety of landscaping services that can take your property to the next level. Call us today at (337) 781-7494 for more information on how Brothers can help your lawn!

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If you are looking for a reliable lawn care company in Lafayette & Baton Rouge, then look no further. Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping is your full-service lawn care expert and we promise a 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We ensure the quality of our service by providing personal attention to each and every lawn.

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