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Premium Sod Installation In Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette-LA area

You may not believe us when we tell you that we can transform your bare, struggling lawn into a lush, green oasis overnight, but it’s true! Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping provides sod delivery and installation services in Lafayette that will instantly give you a full, thick lawn that you have to see to believe. If you are ready for more free time, less work, and a vibrant lawn, then you are ready for Brothers’ sodding services!


Mike Jannise Jr.
Mike Jannise Jr.
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I noticed my neighbor using Brothers for a while now and today when they arrived to cut her yard, I stepped out to ask about getting a quote. Within 30 minutes, Kaylyn and crew were done and off to tackle their next job! So impressed with his friendliness, professionalism, and willingness to stop what he was doing to talk about my needs, provide a quote on the spot, and get his crew to fit my yard in their schedule. Amazing service that is hard to come by these days! Thank you, and I would highly recommend to friends and family!
Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby
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Cannot imagine using anyone else. They are great from ownership on to the men who come to my house to do the work are all great. Good work, and pricing is just right!
Cindy Mizelle
Cindy Mizelle
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Brothers Services are great!! They are reliable and do a wonderful job.

Brothers’ Sodding Services For Lafayette

Having sod delivered and installed by a professional lawn care company is the best way to ensure that your new turf will grow quickly and evenly. Sod comes in either strips or squares of turf on a thin layer of soil that can be laid over exposed soil in your yard. The sod pieces will ideally weave together once aftercare begins, and your lawn should eventually be covered in thick, healthy grass. This is the best strategy for lawns that have been severely damaged by drought, disease, pests, or anything else that has made growth difficult. When you call Brothers for the top sodding services in Lafayette, you and your lawn will receive many benefits, such as the following:

  • Instant grass that is green and lush
  • Adaptation to poor soil conditions
  • Pre-existing root system
  • Less irrigation 
  • Denser turf
  • Less mud after rain/watering
  • Erosion prevention
  • Professionally grown turf
  • Better heat absorption/reduction
  • Easier maintenance

By offering both delivery and installation services, our sodding program will completely transform your lawn without you having to lift a finger until we are done! Your lawn is likely rejecting your seeding and fertilization efforts because the land and soil do not provide the ideal conditions needed for growth. Our trained professionals know exactly how to assess the needs of your property and prepare your soil to receive the new sod. All we ask of you is that you choose the grass type you want, and you can start enjoying your new lawn immediately! The steps laid out below are a brief overview of what you get with our sodding plan. 

Step 1: Testing & Preparing Soil

Testing Your Soil

Proper pH levels must be maintained in order to stimulate root development and turf growth. We will take a sample of your soil and determine what measures need to be taken to prepare it for sod installation. Fertilizers, lime, and organic matter will be applied to the soil, as needed, to create ideal conditions.

Step 2: Preparing Land

How To Prepare Soil

Measuring and analyzing your property helps us determine how much sod is needed for your lawn. Your soil needs to be as flat and evenly distributed as possible before sod can be installed, and we will take care of that too! Our technicians will level and rake your land, and they will lay down a layer of topsoil that will allow your new turf to expand its roots through the sod strips, resulting in sod that has fused together seamlessly. 

Step 3: Selecting & Delivering Sod

sod delivery preperation

We offer grass types, such as Bermuda, fescue, and zoysia, that you can choose from to make sure you get the exact look and feel you want your lawn to have. Once your desired turf has been selected, we will deliver it right to your property in neatly cut sections that are ready to be installed. 

Step 4: Installing Sod

installing new sod lawn

Sod should always be installed by an experienced professional. It is very easy to overlap strips of sod or not lay them down firmly enough, which will result in a lumpy and unattractive lawn. When you go with sodding service by Brothers, you are sure to get a professional installation job that yields beautiful results. After your sod is expertly installed, your technicians will make sure strips are trimmed and neat before they leave. 

Step 5: Aftercare

man watering recently laid grass sod

A properly sodded lawn requires less maintenance than a newly seeded lawn, but that aftercare is still crucial to the success of your new sod. We will leave you with detailed instructions on how to maintain your new turf and stimulate growth. Watering will need to begin 30 minutes after installation and continue daily for about a month; fertilization and mowing should also begin about a month after installation. Ask us how our fertilization and weed control program, along with our other lawn care and landscaping services, can give you the lawn you have always wanted.  

Start Your New Lawn Now!

Brothers Lawn Service & Landscaping is ready to give you top-quality sodding services in Lafayette, but it all starts with you! If you are tired of doing back-breaking work in the yard only to see minimal results, it may be time to let us help. As soon as you are ready for some assistance, we will spring to action and go to work for you! Before you know it, you will have a lush lawn that is ready to be watered, mowed, walked on, or just simply admired. Call now to get one step closer to the lawn of your dreams!

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